We believe that the Bible in its original language’s is the inspired inerrant, infallible and authoritative Word of God. (2Tim 3:16-17, 2Pe 1:21, Heb 4:12, John 1:1, John 1:14, John 4:23-24)

We believe that God is one God existing in a trinity (one divine being existing in three coequal, co external persons) and there are no other god’s.(Deu6:4-5, 1Jn5:7, Psalm 139)

We believe that every man/woman is born of the flesh with a fallen sin nature that we have inherited from Adam and Eve, God’s original creation. Since all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God if we are left in this state we will be eternally separated from God.(Gen.2:16-17, Rom.3:10-18,Rom 3:23, 1Co 15:21-22)


We believe that man needs a savior to provide salvation from his eternally separated position from God. Salvation is a free gift from God that He gives to us because of His grace (unmerited favor). We receive this gift of salvation through faith (trust and belief in the finished work of God for salvation). The object of our faith is Jesus Christ the Son of God. (John 3:3-5, John 3:15-16, Eph.2:8-9)

We believe that Jesus Christ is our Savior and is the only Person who can provide salvation to man through our faith in Him. Jesus Christ is God and is one Person of the Trinity of God. Jesus Christ was born of a virgin by the Holy Spirit and lived a perfect sinless life existing as fully God and fully man. (Rom 10:9, Rom 10:13, Luke 1:26-35, Isa. 7:14, 1Co 15:1-4, John 14:1-3)

We believe that baptism in water is a declaration to the world that a believer has died with Christ and that they have been raised with Him to walk in newness of life (Mat. 28:19; Act 10:47-48; Rom 6:4).


We believe in the celebration of the Lord's Supper by eating of the bread and drinking of the cup is a remembrance of Jesus (I Co 11:24-30).

We believe that all believers are entitled to, and should ardently expect and earnestly seek, the promise of the Father, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, according to the command of Jesus Christ. (Luke. 24:49; Act 1:4-8,Act 2:38-39, Act 10:44-46, Act 11:14-16, Act 15:7-9; I Co 12:1-31).

We believe in the evidence of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. The full consummation of the Baptism of believers in the Holy Spirit is evidenced by the initial physical sign of speaking with other tongues as the Spirit gives utterance and by the subsequent manifestation of spiritual power in public testimony and service (Act 1:8, Act 2:4, Act 10:44-46, Act 19:2, Act 19:6).

We believe that the Church is the Body of Christ. Each believer is an integral part (Eph. 1:22, Eph 2:19-22; Heb. 12:23).

We believe in the Millennial Reign of Jesus: The return of our Lord Jesus Christ with His saints from Heaven to rule and reign for one thousand years on earth as the Scripture promised (Rom.11:25, Rom 11:27; II Th 1:7;Rev. 19:11-16, Rev 20:1-7). After this, there will be a new heaven and a new earth (Rev. 21).

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